We reach more people with our PAS

 New PAS activities begin

On March 16, our head of school, Adriana Ortiz Maldonado, along with the team from our Programa de Acción Social, visited Villatina, to meet with more than 120 parents who will begin to receive the benefits offered by the PAS.

There, they listened to the expectations of the families and enjoyed a very warm meeting in which they talked about the schedule of the activities that will be carried out from now on as part of the Program.

Teaching about the Montessori method is one of the activities that the School carries out with the teachers in Villatina and the other schools that the PAS reaches. This is how we make it possible that more children can have access to quality education, and we are very proud to continue contributing to their well-being.

Also in recent days, we received a delegation of students from Philadelphia, specifically from Quadrat Academy, a Montessori school in the United States. We visited Villatina with them and we were happy to show them how we continue to transform lives and build the future with the PAS.

Click here to see the best moments of this visit.


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