We obtained recognition as a sustainable company


Last December, in the fourth version of the Programa de Reconocimiento Empresarial and the first version of Criterios de Construcción Sostenible of the Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá and ICONTEC, we obtained the silver Category in the Business Recognition as a Sustainable company for promoting initiatives framed in the good environmental, social and carbon- neutral sustainability practices.

In addition, we were praised as a pioneer school in establishing sustainable practices. The school was one of the 20th recognized companies for this work among 220 that were considered.

This recognition covers environmental and social responsibility and involves actions with the community and employees in the social field.
In this sense, this recognition highlights the work we do promoting the well-being at work and quality of life of our employees and the actions with which we impact families in Villatina with our Social Action Program.

We thank our entire Montessori team for allowing us to dream of the possibility of a better world for everyone, and for working in a committed and constant way in favor of the well-being of our students, families and community.

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