Robots took Colegio Montessori

Last Friday, November 18th, the Encuentro Regional Antioquia de Robótica Extrema was held at our school in Medellín, in which around 33 teams, from different departments and municipalities of the country, demonstrated their skills and knowledge of robots.

Our school participated with several delegations:

VEXIQ Challenge

• 4th grade students from our campus in Rionegro won fourth place among the 33 participating teams.
• Students from grades 5 to 8 from our Medellín campus, were in ninth place among the 33 teams.
• The delegation that represented the School with students from 9th to 11th grade, ranked second in the alliances generated by 7 participating teams.

On this occasion, all the results that the students obtained serve as preparation in order to get ready for the competition that will take place at EIA University on February 23 and 24, 2023.

We wish the best of luck to our teams so they qualify for the world championship that will be held at the end of April 2023.

With events and initiatives like these, we strengthen our students’ multiple skills and knowledge which prepare them for the future and let them be in contact with technology.

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