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Day care

"Help me do it on my own."
María Montessori

Daycare: The Children’s House

At The Montessori School’s Children’s House, we cater a population of two to three-year olds. Our foundation at work is respect and love towards the child, based on the Montessori Method and its “Knowledge Avenues” (Practical Life, Sensory Experience, Language Development and Cosmic Education), which play a key role in the development of the child’s first years.

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The Montessori Method System works on the three core elements of the holistic formation: the child, the environment, and the adult. This teaching system, which began as a method for young boys and girls, eventually transcended all levels of education.

At the core is the child who has a desire to achieve full development and wants to make choices on his/her own. He/she strives to make his own discoveries and solve his/her own inquiries.

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The environment is associated to a space of calmness, trust, affection and stimuli, in which the child is respected and listened to. It is organized in a way such that the child can feel free to explore it.
Finally, there’s the adult, who plays a double role: as a sensitive observer who is there to fulfill the needs of the child, always willing to lead him/her towards processes of development and learning, and a strict but loving adult who makes sure there is compliance to the norms that help create a harmonic coexistence: “A place for everything and everything in its place; I don’t harm anything or anyone, and I finish everything I begin”.

At The Children’s House, every child is recognized as a human being who is loved and respected. Teachers-guides are trained to make of this place the child’s second home.


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