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The Montessori School is a PK-12 institution in Medellín, Colombia, where respect for every child and its individuality results in the education of autonomous human beings who proclaim freedom, have excellent work and life ethics and good decision-making skills.

Educating in freedom means teaching our students to value free-choice, equipping them to make responsible decisions, always aware of the impact of decision-making on themselves and their environment. Educating in freedom also means taking responsibility for your actions. “You are free to decide, but you must face the consequences of your decisions”.

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Our education is trilingual (Spanish, English and French), participative, and active. We are an institution that promotes research and develops an inquisitive mind among students. A well-qualified team of teachers and professionals have the necessary skills required for the educational demands and expectations of a highly complex world. Aware of the importance of sensitive leadership, we promote a holistic development of students, preparing them to successfully face the demands and challenges of globalization.

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Colegio Montessori sede Oriente
Telephone (604)520 91 50