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At Montessori School, we believe that:

  • Every pedagogical action should be mediated by affection: "we touch the child's heart in order to reach the child's mind".
  • Respect is the fundamental value of Montessori School, which should be reflected in all community interactions.
  • Training for the exercise of freedom and democracy is one of the fundamental aims of education at our school.
  • Every student has potentials that can be developed during the educational process.
  • Every student is a unique human being and he/she must be understood by the teacher as such.
  • Responsibility and discipline are basic in order to educate autonomous individuals who are capable of overcoming challenges.
  • The parents' training and involvement enables coherence between school and home and a greater impact on the overall educational process.
  • Educating individuals who are socially responsible for the development and transformation of the country is assumed as a fundamental duty.
  • A basic task of education is the construction of a fair society that offers the possibility of living in peace with one another and promotes the development of all of its citizens.
  • The success in quality management of our organization depends on the opportunities for development of its staff and on its members’ sense of belonging.
  • Improvement of the institution is based on an open and reflective attitude towards change.
  • Our school's autonomy and institutional character are crucial to assure a reliable and effective quality management.

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Colegio Montessori sede Oriente
Telephone (604)520 91 50