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Value-Centered Education Plan

"Touching the child is touching the most delicate and vital point where everything is yet to be decided, where everything is yet to be renewed, where everything beats with life, and the secrets of life lie hidden. Here is where the education of tomorrow’s man is constructed.” María Montessori (1870-1952). - Italian educator and physician.


The Value-Centered Education Plan at The Montessori School aims to provide students with a well-rounded education in the social, ethical, affective and spiritual dimensions preparing a confident and complete individual who holds others in high regard, is responsible and shows interest in his own personal growth and that of the people around him. The goal is to lead students towards SELF-DEVELOPMENT, understanding that development is something personal, and no one else can do it for another, "Help me do it on my own.", as pointed out by María Montessori. Our Plan is centered on a love-based education, touching and caring for the heart of our students so that they can become sensitive human beings, aware of the commitment they have to themselves and their environment.

All programs and educational actions are carried out intentionally and are articulated within our Value-Centered Education Plan. It is a direct result of our school’s fundamental purpose, as appears in its mission: “Educating autonomous, responsible, creative and ethical individuals oriented to their own growth and that of their surroundings; capable of establishing harmonic relationships and leading change processes based in the common good.” Thus, educating in values becomes the school’s most essential emphasis, based on four fundamentals: AUTONOMY, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT and ORIENTATION TO THE COMMON GOOD. The Plan is structured around five axes that help build the profile of the Montessori student and strengthen formative competences that are reinforced on a daily basis in the school’s academic and cultural life. The axes are the following:

  1. LEARNING TO BE: Knowing and appreciating yourself, building your identity, behaving with autonomy, judgment and personal responsibility. The school has created the following programs: “Harmony”, “Healthy Habits for Life”, “Affection and Sex Education”, “Life-Project”, “Formative Competencies Assessment”, “Personal Improvement Plans.”
  2. LEARNING TO CO-EXIST: Understanding and appreciating others, living in harmony, ensuring the common good. In pursuing this goal, The Montessori School has created the following programs: “Conflict Management and Negotiating Skills”, “Harmony”, Social Action Program-PAS in Spanish), “The Montessori Culture.”
  3. LEARNING TO DO: Problem-solving methodology. Students work on projects that help them with: Facing situations, teamwork, behaving in different social contexts.
  4. LEARNING TO UNDERTAKE: Developing a proactive and innovative attitude, being capable of proposing ideas and solutions and taking the lead. To assure this purpose, The Montessori School has created the following programs: The Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program, Career Orientation and Life Project Program.
  5. LEARNING TO KNOW: Knowledge acquisition that promotes students’ interest and curiosity to become lifelong learners in a knowledge society. The school has implemented an active methodology strategy and the use of technology as a means for learning and acquiring information.
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A short synthesis of the Value-Centered Education Programs:

Harmony Program: Promotes the development of an appropriate self-esteem. Parents are invited to participate actively in this program.

Sexual and Affective Program: Its intention is to educate in affection with a sense of respect and responsibility with ourselves and others.

Habits for a Healthy Life: Its purpose is promoting Health and Risk Factor Prevention, self-care, decision-making and life skills.

Entrepreneurship Program: Students work on leadership skills and are taught competencies that will help them have initiative and decision-making skills in various life situations.
Career Orientation: Students are permanently assisted in their decision-making process in their career path choices.

Culture Program: This program stresses The Montessori School’s culture of educating responsible citizens who are committed to the improvement of their community and their surroundings. It is structured around four axes:

1. Relationship with oneself and maintaining good habits
2. Relationship with others: Positive interpersonal relationships to generate an environment of healthy coexistence and fair treatment.
3. Relationship with their environment: Citizen Education, Rules of Behavior in Public Places and Driving Education.
4. Relationship with The Montessori School culture: My school (The Montessori Spirit)

The subject of Ethics and Values: This subject is taught by homeroom teachers who tutor and guide students in their personal growth. The program YOMI LIFE is a Life Project for students in their different development stages. The purpose is to deepen their own self-knowledge, discover their strengths and weaknesses, review their values, beliefs and attitudes and build their own mission and vision. In addition, students receive training in conflict management and negotiating skills that develop and strengthen basic competences for decision-making and problem solving in different areas of their lives.


With this strategy, students can assess in a continuous and systematic manner the stage of their personal growth process. By means of an instrument named “Formative Skills Matrix”, students are able to do a self-evaluation processes of their skills in Autonomy, Responsibility, Respect, and Orientation to the Common Good. They receive feedback from meaningful adults who are willing to guide them in their process of personal growth. With the help of mentors, students work each year on a personal improvement plan, searching for strategies that will allow them to become better human beings.

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