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Curriculum Design

The main purpose of Montessori School is educating students in the spheres of: BEING, DOING, COEXISTING, KNOWING, and UNDERTAKING/ENTREPRENEURSHIP. It is based on an active methodology that aims to make of the student an active agent in the construction of knowledge, within a class environment conceived and designed to become a meaningful learning space.

With this purpose at the center of our curricular experience, education at Montessori School is based on the following guiding principles:

• Education for developing our inner self (shaping who we are)
• Recognition and respect for individuality
• Education in freedom with responsibility
• Education in social responsibility.
• Active learning

The academic component offers students various learning and growth opportunities based on:

A curricular structure of national and international (Cambridge University) standards that offers our students a double diploma, once they have complied with the requirements for the completion of studies.

The application of the foundations and principles of the Montessori Method in Preschool as a way to instill and strengthen in the child, self-respect, respect for others, the environment and his/her own culture. It allows the student to become familiar with principles of unity, interconnection and interdependence, which are essential for a cosmic education that promotes peace.

The multilingual focus, which emphasizes English as a Second Language and French as a third language, broadens students’ possibilities to succeed in higher education, their options of interaction and knowledge of other cultures. English immersion, both in Pre-school and Elementary, is of crucial importance to strengthen the acquisition and command of communicative skills in the foreign language. Likewise, the exchange programs with Canada that take place in fifth and eighth grade offer major cultural and social opportunities as students not only are immersed in the English language, but also can experience the Canadian culture in full. Meanwhile, French learning begins and is intensified from 4th grade on, according to the school’s academic plan of study.

The introduction of ICT (information and communication technologies) in the classroom as a dynamic agent for the teaching-learning processes and the development of competencies for managing information. Activities and classroom projects and all cooperative efforts reinforce respect for cultural diversity and the social construction of knowledge.

Our emphasis in Math instruction, improves the students’ analytical capacity and reasoning skills for mathematical thinking, interpretation, modeling, solutions and communication.

Art exploration is an essential component of the curriculum, integrating experiences from various fields: plastic arts, music, theater and dancing.

All of the above mentioned are subject to a permanent evaluation process. Also, since individuality is a distinctive mark of the school, it is the basis for continuous improvements plans, to guarantee a high quality education which core element is the development of the human being and his/her inner self.

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