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Leisure Time Activities

The Montessori School’s leisure time activities offer students different venues to develop their interests and skills in the cultural, artistic, scientific, and sports areas. These tools also help students acquire discipline, promote teamwork, and strengthen self-esteem.

Students participate in various other exhibits, tournaments and contests: cultural and sport week celebrations in other Medellín’s schools, musical activities such as “Oviedo es Música”, INDER (Recreation and Sport Institute of Medellín) state school games, and robotic contests at a regional, national, and international level, among others.


The main objective of The Montessori School’s seed groups is to develop students’ competencies and skills, under the guidance of highly qualified coaches and trainers:

Robotics: through research and experimentation, students are able to design, build, and program robots, applying mechanical, electrical, sensor, and programming concepts and principles.

Arts: activities that contribute to develop motor skills and body expression, as well as basic artistic concepts through drawing and painting classes, ceramics, theater and dance.

Music: Musical activities contribute to the development of instrument skills, auditory skills, rhythm, and melody concepts through lessons in guitar, piano, violin, ensemble, transverse flute, choir, orchestra, and music band.

Languages: English and French lessons to improve oral and listening skills, as well as the vocabulary acquisition.

Preschool: Early childhood workshops in reading, art and sports, strengthens preschoolers active and spontaneous participation in the classroom, encouraging constant interaction with their peers and teacher.

Sports: Classes encourage a healthy lifestyle and good use of students’ spare time through activities like girls and boys soccer, basketball, volleyball

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The Montessori Vacation School offers multiple fun learning activities that sharpen the senses and life experiences of girls and boys ages 3-7 over the period of vacations.

Parents find in our Vacation School a constructive alternative where children are able to enjoy activities that differ from the daily academic routines. Students make good use of their free time and get to socialize with peers through fun activities that takes place in a different environment from the traditional classroom.

The program consists of artistic and cultural activities, arts and crafts, motor activities, sensory experiences, water activities, culinary arts, and field trips.

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