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Middle School

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Middle School includes 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The school continues with the English immersion program, strengthened by subjects such as: English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and Computer Science.  Students are taught additional hours per week of English through constant interaction.

Once they reach fifth grade, they are encouraged to participate in an immersion trip to Canada, where students interact in English on a daily basis and are exposed during four weeks to a different culture, ideas and lifestyles.

In this stage, students receive preparation for the Cambridge International Certification Standards through the following tests:

1. Cambridge International Primary Achievement Test (CIPAT) in Fifth Grade.
2. Progression Test in Mathematics, English, and Science in Fifth, Sixth and Seventh grade.
3. Check Point, in Mathematics, English and Science in Eighth grade.

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Another important priority in Middle School is the emphasis on French as a third language. As with English, students interact on a permanent basis with their French teacher.

Keeping in mind that artistic education is a discipline and a fundamental part of the students’ development, Middle School offers its students three different paths: music string instruments, woodwind and brass. Students complement their training in this area with Plastic Arts, Music Appreciation and Theater.  

In Middle School we educate students in responsibility and autonomy, which are fundamental values of our institution.  We acknowledge the distinct characteristics of every child and assist the family in the mission they have as children’s first educators.

Middle School students live in a harmonic environment of healthy coexistence.  Therefore, it is the educational community’s responsibility to assist them with sensible ideas, criteria and values that correspond to the Montessori profile, and thus facilitate the ongoing construction process of their life project.

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