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Elementary School

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At Elementary School (1st-4th grades), the average age of children ranges from 6 to 10 years old.  During this second childhood, youngsters behavior is characterized by laughter, games, sharing and team work.  

Academic curriculum complies with national and international standards. It is precisely in Elementary where students become acquainted with the Cambridge learning curriculum. The teaching and learning processes are oriented to the development of proficiencies which lead to academic autonomy. Research and computer science also enrich the learning process, making it more dynamic by means of the development of the modules known as “Little Scientists”.

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Artistic and musical development as part of cultural expression, are central in Elementary School because they give the children the opportunity to value and enjoy the arts in their different manifestations. Subjects are intensified in our school’ plan of study with three music modalities: string instruments, woodwinds and brass. Plastic arts and body expression also complement the curriculum.

Elementary School emphasizes communicative skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening, both in Spanish and English, as well as the development of mathematical thinking, since they are the foundations for further learning (in middle school and high school). The reading comprehension program plays a key role in improving the students’ comprehension skills and motivating children’s reading enjoyment. From our values-based education perspective, emphasis is placed in the pillar values of the Montessori philosophy, where responsibility, respect, the common good and autonomy are essential elements of children’s daily performance.

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Almost every subject within the Elementary School plan of study is taught in English. Our English immersion program encourages children to have a live language experience with interactions that take place within recreational, cultural and academic spaces.

Learning takes place in an environment of second language immersion and in the proposal of activities that respond to an active methodology. The academic curriculum covers 9 subjects under the guidance of bilingual teachers specialized in the different areas. Special projects and organized field trips enrich the learning experience and benefit the development of critical thinking skills.

The introduction of French as a third language begins in 4th grade with classes four hours a week.  

Monitoring and follow-up, academic assistance and a values-based education approach are key elements to success at our school.  An interdisciplinary team of homeroom teachers, psychologists and school directors, permanently checks on the students’ academic and development processes, implementing action plans that contribute to the children’s personal growth and academic performance.

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