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Learning Center

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The purpose of The Montessori School Learning Center is to assist the educational community’s learning process.  It respects uniqueness and the development of student’s potential to its fullest.  

To systematize strategies to assist students
To address the difficulties that students may face in order to facilitate their learning process.

Improve parent and student satisfaction.


1.    PEDAGOGICAL SUPPORT :carried out by the school teachers during the school day to improve the learning processes and provided to students at no additional cost.

Support offered include:

ACADEMIC COUNSELING: assistance given by our teachers when requested by Elementary, Middle and High School students on the following subjects: Science-Social Studies-Spanish Language and Literature-Mathematics-English-French. The purpose is to answer their questions, expand the knowledge about a topic and a better understanding of concepts. It takes place during the school day.

-    TUTORIAL WORK: Preschool and Elementary teachers tutor small groups of students to strengthen reading, understanding and writing in the areas of Spanish language and English. It takes place twice a week during 30 minute sessions.  Children participation is determined by the Assessment and Promotion Committee.

-    CLASSROOM STRATEGIES: help and suggestions provided to Preschool and Elementary teachers to address difficulties in the classroom.


 -   COMPLEMENTARY LESSONS: Two weekly sessions, 1 hour each, for groups of maximum 15 students to level and reinforce concepts in English, Math, and Spanish Language and Literature. The cost per student is $60,000 Colombian pesos. Ongoing according to need.

  •  TUTORING: For students belonging to all schools within our institution with specific learning difficulties in Reading, Writing, and Comprehension in Spanish Language Arts, English and Mathematics. Tutoring is carried out in small groups of 5 students, through two weekly hour-long sessions. The cost is $120,000 per month per student. The overcoming of difficulties determines the duration. Monthly goals that are accomplished are presented in the work plan.
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